Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mom T-Shirt to Ruffle Cuff Baby Pants

So the Little Miss has managed to grow again, and since her seasons (and style) are a bit different from her big sister, I find myself needing new articles of clothing for her.

Most recently, her brown knit pants became more like brown knit capris and needed a replacement.  Since it is spring, knit pants are hard to come by (though I could have gotten more knit capris).

As I was going through my own spring wardrobe, I noticed I had two different brown t-shirts.  I do have a skirt that requires a plain top, but if I am ever at a point in my life where I wear two different solid brown T-shirts in a week, it is time for my friends to stage an intervention.  So I kept the cuter one…

…and sacrificed the other one.


{Baby toes!}


After having success with the Made “the basic pant” pattern, I decided to make knit pants.  Now pants frighten me a little, but they worked out last time, so I was prepared to try again.  Knits, however, terrify me.  The hardest thing for me is to not stretch out cuffs when hemming, so I cheated was resourceful.  I cut the pattern out so the existing hem from the T-shirt was the hem for the pants.  This meant I just had to sew the pieces together and make a casing which holds elastic and scrunches up anyway.  Success!


And they were really plain-looking (which doesn’t always bother me but did on that day) so I added a ruffle around each ankle.  I used any leftover bits from the shirt.  Since it was a knit, I didn’t have to do anything to the edges.  Easy!


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