Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Pants of the Family

This month is “Celebrate the Boy” month on a couple of my favorite craft blogs.  I don’t have any little boys to sew for (and the big boy who lives here would rather be nude than wear something homemade by me), but I found a pattern that I had to make anyway.

I am often frustrated with the narrowness of little girl pants—even when the pants themselves flare at the bottom, the thighs are sometimes in disagreement with the thighs of my daughter.


So I took the pattern, made a couple of edits (the original size is a 3T) and made pants for the Little Miss.   I chose a lightweight, fine whale corduroy and made a pair of loose-enough, elastic waist pants.  They’re as comfortable as her knit pants (I imagine—I mean, I don’t really fit into 18/24 months clothing) but are a bit nicer-looking.


They move with her, which is great because her 15-month-old self is interested in climbing *everything* these days.


And they even are great for an adventure outside, in which she tries to decipher whether or not she likes walking on grass.


(The jury is still out on the grass).

So I compared the pattern to a pair of existing pants of hers that fit well.  I know, in theory, that I could draft my own pattern, but I tried that with something else pants-related and it did not turn out as nicely as I imagined it would.  Anyway, I ended up taking about an inch off of each side, and some off the bottom, and they’re great!

I don’t foresee making all of my girls’ pants from this point forward, mostly because fabric always ends up being more expensive than I wish it was…

…which leads to the best part of these pants.  I had the thread and elastic on hand (yes, I asked for—and received—elastic for Christmas), but I purchased the fabric for a whopping 35 cents at JoAnn!  I had a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $5 or more.  The corduroy I used was $7.99 a yard, and I purchased 2/3 yard.  I was thrilled!

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