Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Pretty for Dishes

Since the first dishcloths I crocheted entered the service rotation before I could photograph them, here are the next two dishcloths I made.  Don’t worry, gentle reader.  These are the first—and last—dishcloth pictures I’ll post.  I assume that there are more in my future, but cannot imagine there is anything to be gained by chronicling each one.


Since the edges never turn out quite as nicely as I hope they might (or as they do when knitting), I made up a little boarder.  It’s a little bit ruffly.  It might have a name, but since I just tried something random in hopes it would turn out, I do not know that name.IMG_0292

One is for a friend, thus the fancy ribbon.IMG_0293

Also, I realized I don’t actually know how to stop crocheting (not in the grand sense of the word; I simply don’t know what to do when I get to the end of a project).  Help?


  1. In roller skating when you can't stop you're supposed to run into a wall. In skiing when you can't stop you're supposed to fall gently to one side (preferably with your head pointing uphill and your ACLs intact). So you could try one of those two options with your crochet projects.

    You didn't say they had to be good suggestions.

  2. I will be no help in answering your crocheting questions....BUT, you can keep practicing and give me a few for my kitchen. :)

  3. You just . . . stop. Slip stitch through you last loop, cut your yarn about 6-8 inches, then pull it all the way through. That's it! It will "knot" itself : ).