Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hat Trick

After admiring a hat one of my friends had crocheted, I forced her to teach me.  I brought to the table a slight amount of yarn experience—I can knit a dishcloth over the course of several weeks, and I made some crochet chains when I was in middle school.  She promised me it was easy and I would be able to learn.

She was right.IMG_0235

It really makes a lot of sense, and once you get the hang of it, it goes fairly quickly.  I only spent a couple of days making this hat for the Peanut.  Of course, I didn’t eat or sleep during those 48 hours, but it only took me two days.

I even figured out how to make a (somewhat special-looking) flower, and my friend taught me this neat-o trim.IMG_0237

Since the first hat attempt was successful, I made a second.  This was I made in reverse colors for the Little Miss.


I used a different pattern for the flower and a fun vintage button I swiped from my mom’s jar of antique buttons.IMG_0238

The Little Miss doesn’t love to wear it, but is oh so cute in it!


Her big sister is a fan, though. IMG_0285

Since I was on a roll, I made a bitty hat for my friend’s sweet newborn!IMG_0240IMG_0232

I also made a couple of dishcloths, but those were called into service before they could be photographed.


  1. Did you crochet in the round? Will you teach me if it is that easy?

  2. She did crochet it in the round, and she figured that part out without my help! Check out youtube and put "crochet hat in the round" in the search bar and you will learn very quickly!

  3. I'd be glad to try to teach you; also, you guys probably don't know each other yet but go to church together, so I can introduce "Smits Family" to "Stitched With Love" and we can have a crochet party!

  4. I do think I met you at a playgroup one time.

    I have crocheted a little... like a basic scarf :)

    And I have just this year learned to knit some... like one pattern for a dishcloth that I make over and over :)