Monday, February 28, 2011

Hook, Line, and Sinker

The idea of hanging dress-up dresses on hooks in a little girl’s room is nothing new or overly creative.  In fact, I didn’t really make anything in this post—so not craftycraftyjulie, but craftycraftyhubby.  I couldn’t find a long enough hook rail that had the types of hooks I wanted (and the longer the rail, the more pricey the item), so I purchased a nice board and some hooks.  I did all of the math by myself and figured out the spacing of the hooks, but left the routering to the husband.  I’ve used the router before, and things didn’t turn out awfully, but it was just easier this way.  I did drill some pilot holes myself, but those were terrible.  I didn’t “let the drill do the work,” according to hubby, and I chipped a couple of places on the board.  Oops.


The Peanut has several dresses (and more clothes that I stashed away in the interest of keeping her room easier to clean).  The very best part, though, is that after her first day of playing with these dresses, I asked her to hang them all back up and She Did and Did It Without Any Help At All.  Success!


Ooh!  Fancy edges! 


(And a really mediocre paint job.  I hate semi-gloss.)


  1. I need a creative way to hang costume hats. any ideas?

  2. I've mostly seen hats on shelves. If you have hats that need to be hung, though, and won't stay on their own, you can always sew/glue a piece of ribbon inside to be a loop. I did that with the towels in our bathroom downstairs.