Thursday, March 3, 2011

Take a Memo

A long time ago (though I’m only now getting around to adding it to the blog), I made a memo board for the Little Miss’s room.


I didn’t use any type of tutorial, though I’m sure there are many, so I’ll give the brief “how to.”  At least the brief “what I did".”  I found a couple of things that worked out really well for me: for the foundation, I used a piece of foam core board.  I split it in half and stuck the halves together.  The fabric is a fat quarter, which ended up being the perfect size to cover the board.  I added a little batting to it, and stapled the ribbons across.  The pattern of the fabric was great and acted as a grid so everything lined up nicely.


I was going to use buttons at the intersections of the ribbon, but those were a little pricey for the quantity I needed.  I found these beads instead and glued them on.


And done.  I guess I didn’t hang it very straight.


Here’s one I made a while ago for her sister.  It has a stretched canvas as the base of it.  Looking at it now, I notice that it also has a grid-like fabric, which is funny—I didn’t recall that when choosing the fabric for the Little Miss’s board and just picked the fabric I did because I thought the color was good.


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  1. I DO have a tutorial for this one! I like the longer one really well!