Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nursing Cover to Baby Shirt Refashion

I had a nursing cover (brand name Udder Covers, and available here), that was made of a cute purple damask fabric.  I didn’t have any friends to pass the cover on to, and I really liked the print of the fabric, so I decided to try to refashion it.  I wanted to make an A-line jumper, but it would have been too short, so I made a tank top.


(I made it a little big so it fits through this summer.  And sorry about the barefoot baby—we weren’t outside too long, and it was nearly 70 degrees today.)

The front and back are cut out of the middle of the cover.  I used the edges of the nursing cover to make the binding for the bottom hem, arms, and neck.  I had to undo the stitching and put it in again, but it had already been well-pressed so it looked nice.


One of my favorite things is the ruffle down the front.  I hardly did any work for that—it is the strap from the cover.  It even had the nice taper already.  I just gathered it and attached it to the front.DSC_4101DSC_4103


I’m excited for the nursing cover to have a second life.


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