Thursday, June 30, 2011

Navy and Lemon Polka Dotted Goodness

I set out to make a cute pair of matching dresses for the girls this spring.  I wanted navy and yellow but never found a print that I liked, so I improvised.  I used a navy fabric and added yellow accents: an inset in the bodice, lining, a ribbon belt, and a chiffon ruffle.IMG_0064.

I love me some chiffon!DSC_5578

And I’d seen this ruffle-like inset at various places on other dresses.  I never did find a free tutorial, so I had to guess how it was made.  I made a ruffle, then gathered the other side of the panel as well.  I stitched them into the bodice and hoped for the best.  It worked, I think.DSC_5579

This dress was definitely a work in progress for a long time—my first vision of it had sleeves and piping and a trim at the bottom, but as I laid the pieces together, I didn’t like those things.  I also originally tried tulle on the bottom but I didn’t like the color.  And I tried four different options for the ribbon belt.  I mean, it’s just a piece of ribbon.  Yikes.DSC_5568

The pattern I used (which includes pleats in the skirt—fun!) was New Look 6957.

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