Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Double Cuteness

A good friend of mine is having twins (!) in a few weeks—a boy and a girl.  We’ve had a few conversations about the enjoyment of coordinating outfits for children (um…not that I tend to make my children wear matching clothes…not at all…) and we discussed that it’s harder to find things for boy/girl matching.  Not impossible, of course, but I decided I just had to make something.

So I did.DSC_6483

For baby girl, I made another itty bitty baby dress.  I wanted to find a fabric that worked as a girly dress but also worked for the boy tie.



And I’m getting a little better at sewing hems and bias tape.DSC_6490

For baby boy, I wanted to make an embellished onesie with a necktie.  Comfy and dressed-up.  I found a tutorial with a printable pattern and it turned out on the first try!


I can’t wait to meet those babies!

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