Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Khaki Skorts

The girls needed something khaki and knit and the only skort I could find was not exactly what I wanted and was more than I wanted to pay anyway.  Despite my fear of sewing with knits, I bought a yard or so of some khaki-colored knit fabric and brought it home.  We stared at each other for a while but ultimately came up with a skort.


I used a combination of this ruffled skirt tutorial and this tutorial for adding shorts under a skirt and making a skort. For the shorts, I modified this pants pattern (that I’ve used several times now). And I got the idea for the fun “lettuce” edge from part of this tutorial.DSC_5559

Look, shorts!  So glad they’re incorporated in the skirt—it makes it so much more useful for running and playing.  And I imagined it would be much more difficult than it actually was.DSC_5560

The I decided the Little Miss needed a skirt too.  I didn’t have enough fabric to make an identical skirt with the ruffles, but I was able to use the leftovers to make a simple skirt with the same hem.DSC_5561DSC_5564

And I added shorts to hers too.DSC_5565

The skirt is perfect for pushing Baby in the stroller while sticking out one’s tongue!DSC_5582

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