Thursday, July 29, 2010

Foray Into Foldover

I saw this Five Minute Skirt tutorial which used fold over elastic (FOE), and wanted to try it. Since it’s cut on the bias, it uses quite a bit of fabric, and if I’d make it for myself, it would use even more fabric. What’s a girl to do? So I made one for the smallest, most willing model in our house.DSC_0517Did you think I meant the baby? She’s small but not particularly cooperative when it comes to sitting still and being photographed. Sorry about Bitty’s lack of a shirt—she has a few she could wear with this skirt and I wasn’t inclined to make anything else once I finished.

And since the reason I bought FOE in the first place was to make headbands for the Little Miss, I made a coordinating one for Bitty.DSC_0519 Here’s the skirt. It’s not really quite so odd-looking—I took the picture at an angle. I did fudge a little bit on the proportions, as Bitty’s ratios aren’t quite the same as a person’s (and that’s just her leg length—to say nothing of her man shoulders!)DSC_0520 It took more than 5 minutes, but was not particularly involved.

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