Monday, January 10, 2011

Shelf Life

One of my friends found some cute decorative shelves that she liked but did not want to shell out big bucks for, so I made her a pair as a Christmas gift.  They are destined to have cute floral arrangements in the jars._DSC1676.

I didn’t have any directions, since I only had photos of the originals, but they’re simple enough I was able to figure out how to make them.  I took a trip to Menards and picked up a board and a little piece of trim.  I made my husband pick up some “L” brackets for me some random time he was out at a home improvement store, which is about every other day.


I cut all of the wood by myself (on hubby’s beloved compound miter saw) and even cut the circle for the jar (thank you, dear drill press).  I sanded the edges using a disk sander (which I unfortunately just had to ask the name of, and described it to my husband as a “hand held sander-thingy”).  It is not painted—I was not sure what color my friend wanted and she likes painting, so she will get to paint it at her leisure.


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