Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Market to Market

Inspired by Dana from made, I finally made a Market Skirt (well, two of them as I do things in pairs).  I didn’t do the pockets, as I thought they would be too much with my fabric (read: I was too lazy and was sure they wouldn’t turn our right), but everything else I did without much derivation.

Here’s the great tutorial:


I’m so excited for the girls to wear them—they have a pair of red shirts which, coincidentally, match quite well.  We might have to wait until early spring, as they’re a little springy, but the shirts are long-sleeved so we’re not limited by the weather.

And I’m really proud of my work this time—I actually zigzagged my seams (making me wonder about adding a serger to my wish list) and was really careful with my hem.


(The main fabric is Turqouise Blossoms from the Flora and Fauna collection by Patty Young.  The trim fabric is perhaps my favorite fabric ever because it is versatile and lovely.  I got it from JoAnn).


Here’s the pair.  Because the Little Miss is, in skirt world, essentially the same size as her older sister (since skirts are mostly based off of waist measurement, and the girls have about an inch difference, if that), I had to make some guesses as to how to shorten it so it didn’t take on peasant proportions.  If I were to make another, I’d probably shorten the main fabric by an inch and add an inch to the bottom trim.  This works anyway.


  1. aw. so cute! love the color combos. thanks for sharing with me :)
    - dana

  2. This is my favorite of all the links posted to Dana's tutorial! Love the fabric choices. Can't wait to make a pair myself!