Friday, December 10, 2010

Red Ruffle Wreath

Upon first seeing a ruffled wreath made with circles of felt, I knew I needed to have one.  I put it off a while, as it seemed pretty labor-intensive (and was—it wasn’t difficult, but did take a chunk of time).  I used this tutorial—well, once I got the gist of what I was going to do I didn’t really need to follow the tutorial exactly.


To save my sanity, I invested in a circle cutter for fabric, and it worked amazingly!   I feel more ruffly flowers in my future—but not for a while.  I’m taking a little break.


But I did break my own personal cardinal rule of crafting: never make something that requires a pair.  I always get tired after one and don’t typically go on to make another.  This is why I don’t knit socks.  That, and I can’t knit in the round.

Anyway, I persisted and ended up with a matched set._DSC1510.

I enjoy them, which is good—they’re pretty the only Christmas decoration that made it up this year besides the sad tree in the corner.



  1. I love it! They are so elegant and simple. Beautiful in red! I read the blog with the white ones but I love this look!

  2. I'm in the middle of making the white one... One question: what size wreath did you use? The 12 inch ones looked too small, so i bought a 16 inch... but now i'm wondering if that's too big?

  3. I think mine are probably 12 inches--I think the felt fluffs it out a bit more. I would just choose a size based on where you think you will put it: I was going to hang them in a pair, and in the center of the doors. If I was hanging it alone or in a larger space, I probably would have used a larger one. Have fun!